Information and Secrets

Council Minutes

  • Lord Morn seeks to use his sister’s connection to Comeryan nobility to secure a strong alliance with that state.
  • Waterdeep is beset by all sorts of strange creatures and is no condition at the moment to aid Daggerdale should the need arise.
  • Rumors from the Sword Coast speak of hundreds of children sired by the god incarnate Bhaal have come to their majority and are causing all sorts of havoc. There is concern that this problem will not stay contained there.
  • The Inner Sea is seeing a substantial increase in lost shipping vessels. At this time there is no sure cause but trade in the area is becoming disrupted.
  • Rumors from Archendale tell of three heroes who defeated a great demon that was set to destroy the Dalelands.
  • The dwarves hear your suggestion for the quarry. However, their clan is already fully engaged with their own endeavors. Manning the Eyrie is actually a significant drain already on their labor force. That said they do have contact with some of the splintered remains of sibling clans that have struggled since the fall of Tehyamar. They may be able to find a family willing to take up your offer.
    • Several weeks after your conversation with the dwarves an extended family of about 20 dwarves arrive in Merry Hold and give the name “stoneblade.” They inquire into the quarry and masonry work that they heard was available.
  • Lord Morn’s sister is due to visit early in the year.




  • Serve Shiallia
  • Find Family?


  • You find 5 hedgewizards (no more than 3rd level) that are willing to return to, or return contact with, their communities; two of which settle back in Daggerfalls. Rumors of two stronger wizards Randamous Brown and Carlotta Durran circulate but they are tough to pin down.



Information and Secrets

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