Tomb Puzzle


The golden vessel in this alcove seems to glow brighter as you approach. Just as you reach inside to pick it up, it disappears. (Invisible not teleported)


A burst of golden energy leaps from this pot, flies around the room, and strikes each of the pots in turn. It is then sucked back to its container, and with a resounding “thud” the magic returns to its original jar.

Three times with different effects: Dark Cloud, Flowered feet, unfastened clasps


The surface of the jar shimmers for a moment, then reveals the area outside the tomb. The tall statues still stand silent, gazing across the broken shale landscape. The glimmering silver door remains open.


The golden surface of the container moves and jumps, and you find yourself gazing upon an intricately crafted weapon. Runes of power are etched across the steel blade, and the whole sword glows with a flaring azure radiance.


The lid of this jar is missing. When you peer inside, you see moist, dark dirt that fills the container about one-third of the way.


A book appears where the golden vessel should be. The crumbling tome’s ancient pages are brown and curled. The book is open, and you can detect a faint brown glow coming from the paper pages.

When read by Olorina:

Shraevyn’s Guide to Magical Mastery, the text begins. In order to successfully achieve the maximum effect of any given spell, one must . . . Suddenly, one of the letters on the page twists and writhes itself free of the parchment, and a snake-like body appears in its place. The reptilian head looks out from the book toward you and hisses, rearing back for a strike. In seconds, you are engulfed in a field of amber force. Then with a flash, the book suddenly becomes a jar once again. (Sepia snake sigil – a common conjuration cantrip)


A carving of a skeletal humanoid appears on the surface of the jar. A cracked helm and rusty sword are all that the ghoulish figure carries. It makes no movement, but its ghastly appearance is bone-chilling. The face of the skeleton on the canister appears almost too real for comfort.


When picked up the golden jar shimmers, becomes heavier, and turns earthen brown in your hands. Then the fine workmanship of the vessel is transformed, and its weight increases as it slithers into a claylike, lopsided shape. After a few moments the jar becomes a sparkling silver and feels lighter in weight. Finally it returns to its original golden form.


A fire-emblazoned shield appears on the front of the container. As you gaze at it, the fire turns a deeper red, flares up in a burst of light, then subsides. The shield glows brightly, then vanishes.


Twin bands of blue-white energy travel up and down the surface of the jar, crackling and popping as they move. You could almost swear you hear a low hum emanating from the container.

Tomb Puzzle

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