The Court of Daggerdale

The Lord’s Court of Daggerdale is made up of 9 advisers and the Lord of Daggerdale. It is the primary deliberative body in the dale and while Lord Morn has absolute authority almost no major decision is made without the input of the Court. Each seat on the Court has responsibilities outside the advisory body itself dealing with the smooth running of the dale’s government. While few of these positions are salaried they are all still highly sought after; not only for the political power they represent, but also because those who hold seats on the Court are relieved from having to pay any taxes on their landholdings to the central government of the dale. The seats on the Court are as follows:

Lord of Daggerdale: The hereditary leader of the dale rules the Court and Daggerdale as an absolute monarch. He leads the Court in its deliberations and considers their advise but all final decisions lies with him.

The current Lord is Randal Morn, the last male heir to the line. His next of kin is Silver Cormaeril who married into one of the noble houses of Cormyr. Concern that the dale could fall to the control of Cormyrians with the fall of Lord Morn has plagued the ruler for years now.

Chamberlain (salaried): The Chamberlain acts primarily as secretary to the Lord of Daggerdale. He1 schedules the lord’s time and so controls who has access to the lord at almost any time. The Chamberlain also directly controls the treasury, signing off on any expenditure. Beyond that, the Camberlain has the emergency authority to act as temporary regent in the case that the Lord of Daggerdale dies and his heir is not immediately available to the title.

Caytlyn Frostmount, who currently holds the position, served decades ago as Lord Morn’s nanny. She is deeply loyal to her lord, highly pragmatic, and extremely organized. However, Caytlyn does often lack the imagination to develop unconventional solutions to problems.

Marshal of the Dale (salaried): The marshal is the highest ranking military leader besides the lord in Daggerdale. He manages all the armed forces in the realm in the event of an attack including the watch/militia forces.

Ariton Delmis, Paladin of Lathander, remains Lord Morns second in command when it comes to the military force of the dales; and so, he has taken up the role of Marshal. Ariton is fiercely loyal to his Lord and his Deity and will not tolerate threats to either. Beyond that he cares deeply for people in general and the people of Daggerdale in particular. The conflict with the Zhentarim has taught the paladin the virtues of patience and good planning but he still has the tendency to advocate direct action in even nearly hopeless causes if feels they are good and just.

The Chronicler (salaried): The Chronicler is charged with providing historical perspective to the Court and recording all historically relevant information about the dale.

The current chronicler is Horus Beanswitch has been serving the Morn family as a researcher and adviser for over 60 years. The old man has a sharp wit and a sharp mind. He is aided in his tasks by very moderate abilities as a diviner but his skills as a sage unparalleled in the dale.

Comptroller: The Comptroller is the primary auditor of the realm. He has authority to conduct audits of any tax payer or of the dale’s treasury. Generally the accounts of the dale are rather simplistic so this is position is actually functions more prominently but secretly as a spy-master for the internal affairs. He works closely with the Commander of the Scouts and Irregulars of the Freedom Riders who deals with international intrigue.

Constable of Dagger Falls: This is the effective major of Dagger Falls. Lord Morn has returned the position to an elected one (although he can depose the constable at any time and call for a new election) now that the Zhent occupation has been routed. Every citizen of Dagger Falls has a vote in the election of the Constable and elections are held every five years or when a need arises.

High Arcanist of the Court: The High Arcanist is the primary adviser for the Lord of Daggerdale in all things arcane and magical, protector of the lord and his court, and chief arbiter of laws regarding magic use in the dale (of which there are few.) He will also organize the wizards of the dale in the common defense and support law enforcement if a magic-user is to be apprehended.

Speaker of the Diaspora: This man speaks for the lone shepherds/hunters/foresters/homesteaders and others that make their home in Daggerdale but not within the bounds of any of the recognized settlements. While such individuals are fewer in population then in the other dales due to Daggerdale’s history of conflict there are still some who feel the need to strike out on their own. The speaker is appointed by Lord of Daggerdale but is almost always a ranger or huntsman of high regard both by those he speaks for and the more “civilized” citizens of the dale. The position is currently held by the ranger Mestin “Troll” Durmark who distinguished herself as a captain of the Freedom Riders.

Advocate Mayoral: The Advocate Mayoral represents all five of the settlements in Daggerdale besides Dagger Falls. While not all these leaders are called “mayors” the term Advocate Mayoral includes all of them. The position is rotated between the leaders of the settlements or their designee every year in the following order: Teshmere, White Chalk Hollow, Tethyamarside, Tachepp, Hadreth’s Glen. The current advocate is Percy Hash, Firstman of Teshmere, who is a cranky old tanner but is also deeply loyal to Daggerdale and its lord.

Conciliator of the Faiths: The Conciliator of the Faiths acts as the Lord of Daggerdale’s primary adviser on all things spiritual and divine. More challengingly, the conciliator is responsible for ensuring that the various faiths active in the dale remain peaceful with each other and the state; as well as fostering at least a modicum of cooperation between the various clergy. He is also in charge of organizing the use of public places by the churches, ensuring that the Chauntean harvest festival isn’t using the marketplace at the same time as the priests of Ilmater are there using it for a public display of self-flagellation for instance. Finally the conciliator is directed to work with the various law enforcement organizations in the dale to root out any illegal cults to or worshipers of evil deities. (Of primary concern at the moment are the faithful of Bane and Cyric.)

1 Male pronouns are used as a neutral pronoun for convenience in all the court positions except for Lord of Daggerdale whose secession follows the rules of male primogenitor.

The Court of Daggerdale

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