Vyell Riah

Bard/Cleric with a happy go lucky attitude.


Character Sheet

Vyell Riah Character Sheet


Standing at 5’3" Vyell is a gruff looking half-elf with dirty blond hair kept in a long pony tail that falls down to his waist, he favors his human side far more so than his elven heritage and, short of his slightly tapered ears, one would be hard pressed to see him as anything other than a shorter human. His build is human as well in most respects, thicker and fuller than that of elves. His physique shows muscle and tone, coming from the hours of practice and performance of his dancing, tumbling, and other acrobatic arts. Beyond his physical appearance and abilities he has skills in singing and a natural magnetism which people respond to exceedingly well.



His Birth, and Early Years

Vyell's Mother
Anora Riah

Born in the metropolis of Hillsfar along the Moonsea to a human mother and unknown elven father, Vyell grew up traveling about the city, going from tavern to tavern with his mother Anora performing as a bard. When old enough they went on the road and he began his training in acrobatics, always returning to Hillsfar in the winter season.

Coming of Age

Priest of Waukeen

Over the years a few others had joined them on the road, a priest of Waukeen named Fievel from Damara, a dwarf named Ergan from The Vast who made his way as a bounty hunter with them for a couple of seasons, and Alejandra de’Kallashpur who claimed noble titles in Amn and more than a few skills as a thief/mage. Among the troupe Vyell had a lot of time to pick up various tricks and skills which he added to his own, even taking up Waukeen as a deity and some minor priestly training under Fievel.

Bounty Hunter

His travels and pursuits would change over the years. By the time the others let him get involved in anything the group had mostly split up, During the Time of Troubles Fievel had lost his god, and faith. Ergan had moved on to find bigger and better bounties, and Alejandra had simply disappeared one day without a trace. That winter had come early and with a sudden fierceness that would have made one think Auril herself was visiting the Moonsea, and on the return trip to Hillsfar Anora became sick. With the terrible weather Vyell was unable to help her reach aid in time, and so she passed in the year of 1363.

A New Direction

Alejandra de’Kallashpur

Following the events of his mothers death Vyell found himself briefly making his way as a bard in Hillsfar, but it wasn’t until he ran again into Fievel that he found purpose and direction in his life. Fievel had despaired with the loss of Waukeen, but over time taken up the faith of Lliira, who in Waukeens absence had been granting her priesthood spells. With Fievel’s help he found joy and purpose again and finished his priestly training as a Joydancer.


Pretty racist
but aside from that…

In 1367 when the mage Maalthiir overthrew the government and siezed control of Hillsfar he outlawed non-humans, and though some half-elves managed to pass or were a legal grey area, Vyell decided it was time to once more leave and travel, this time head south into the Dalelands…

Vyell Riah

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