Marcus Baldeuer


Slimmer than some and shorter than most, Marcus stands 5’7" with brown wavy hair and autumn brown eyes.
Simple attire that resembles a mix between a local shepherd and a huntsman. The only thing that sticks out is an old weather worn necklace which is his family crest that he usually keep tucked away underneath his cloak but from time to time it slips out.


Marcus was born in Halruaa but his mother died at giving birth. For unknown reasons shortly after his father decided to relocate to The High Dale to where Marcus learned his skill with a bow.
His father was more strict than others in High Dale, making sure Marcus got a good education and well versed in the local language as well as his native tongue, as well as learning to hunt and survive in the wild by the age ten. It was about this time when his father disappeared without a trace or so much as a letter or word.
Growing up without someone to guide him in life Marcus did what was necessary to survive, but quickly found himself fond of gold and the power it holds over people causing him to be very motivated and driven by its call.
Marcus stayed in the High Dale till he was about twenty six, practicing his skill with the bow and working his trade as a hunter as well a shepherd.
Until one day he found his small farm burned down and his heard of sheep slaughtered for no reason that Marcus could tell. A burning rage was sparked inside him and he set out with revenge to find out who did it.

Marcus Baldeuer

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