Dove's Dalelands Campaign

Hey Dale! Merry Dale!
A Bard's Journey

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Ergan, I hope my letter finds you well, I have near finished my journey and hope to be returning soon to the manor at Apple Creek. My journey has taken me across the dales, visiting every tavern I can find and making contact with many other travelers, entertainers, and innkeepers in the region, even venturing briefly to The Vast and Moonsea.

My travels have taken me as far south as Arabel, stopping in Tilverton along the way, then I made my way to Highmoon and then Ordulin. I spent a few extra days in the larger cities, making sure to stop by multiple inns and making as many contacts as possible. From Ordulin I moved north toward Scardale and then to Harrowdale, where I found passage to Tantras, and then I traveled north to Calaunt. There I found passage north to Mulmaster, and from there Elmwood and Elventree. I contemplated a journey north to the likes pf Phlan but decided against it in favor of shoring up my contacts within the Dalelands. I had passed through Deepingdale, Tasseldale, Featherdale already and so avoiding Hillsfar made my way south to Ashabenford in Mistledale, and into Battledale, where I now sit in Essembra writing to you from the Watchful Eye Inn. I intend make my way back stopping in Freedale, Shadowdale, and Voonlar, should I go missing that should be the route to look for me, though you know that if I disappear and do not find myself quickly at the manor my fate is likely certain.

If trouble arrives and my presence is needed soon send word to the Red Dragon Tavern in Freedale, Mother Tara’s Festhall in Shdowdale, and The Swords’ Meet in Voonlar. Once I arrive if I find word I shall return with uttermost haste. Be sure to leave the stone in a secure place with word of the emergency that I might be prepared when I do arrive.

Meet The Henchman: Mellifera
The Bee's Knees


Meet Mellifera, human hivemaster druid of Shiallia.

Born in the lands of Daggerdale, Melli was unfortunate in that she saw the evil of the Zhents first hand when they took her family under the pretext of them being collaborators. She herself managed to get away by hiding in her families apiary, the bees never seeming to bother her, but proving quite dangerous to her pursuers. Since that time she has lived in the wild places of the Desertsmouth Mountains, where she felt Shiallia’s call.

Perhaps in thanks to her long service to Shiallia, she recently had a vision, the flag of Daggerdale flying free and Zhent forces retreating; a strange instrument lost, and a group of figures being celebrated as heroes. She took this as a sign from her goddess to return to her homeland, though she is not entirely certain why she has been called there. Part of her hopes she may yet find her missing family, perhaps released from their bondage, but it may just as likely be that Shiallia has another purpose in mind for her.

“Ah, honey, don’t you fret, I ain’t met an orc yet who didn’t soon learn to fear my sting.” – Mellifera.

Character Sheet

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